Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Moments, Stories, People, & Scenes

Watching my parents' relationship flourish over the years and grow stronger each passing day was a living example to me of what commitment in marriage should look like. Even though there were times when I was younger that I remember my parents having a particularly difficult disagreement, they still were able to work things out after having a "time out" to think rationally, recollect their thoughts, and restate what they were trying to communicate in a better way. While I was researching, I came across a good story about a gentleman who was talking to a young couple at an ATM. The gentleman asked the girl why she was making a transaction. She explained that she had to pay for half of their dinner. The gentleman then went on to say that it shouldn't be like that. It made me think about how our society has such an individualistic view of life that it is almost frowned upon for a husband and wife to be one and to share almost everything. Why do people marry if there is even the possibility that "it won't work out"? Can they truly commit themselves to someone who may not be in it for the long term? There seems to not be as much endurance as there should be. If my parents had not been committed to one another, their marriage could have ended before I was born. If couples look at arguments as my parents, then they would have to find a way to "work things out." There was only one good reason for divorce according to my research and that was abuse.

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