Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Why is commitment important in marriage?

Marriage is commitment. When you get up in front of a room full of people and declare that you will love someone until death, that is a commitment. If you didn't mean it, you should say it. If you are not committed to your spouse, you can't expect your spouse to be committed to you. Then you will never fully trust each other. I don't think it is wise to live your life with someone who you do not trust.

How is commitment established in a marriage?

I already mentioned that trust was important. Trust in marriage is a major factor involved in commitment. When you trust someone, you are more open and honest with them. My research uncovered the importance of being open and honest in ones marriage. Effective communication in marriage is important so that you can be open and honest and understand each other better. There were several counseling sites that I encountered that stressed this issue.

How do you allay fears that a marriage may end in divorce?

It all seems to come back to commitment. If the two are committed to each other "'til death do us part," then the fear of divorce should not even be an issue. If two people are not necessarily committed or have not thought about it, the threat is there. However, it all depends on how strong the marriage is as it faces the tests of time. Strong marriages involve strong commitments which should not be bothered by fears of divorce since they have no grounds to be.

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