Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Exercise 3.1 - Step 1

I see a lot of students who do act as you have described. They allow the weather to affect their moods and they socialize with friends at lunch even though they should be studying. But college students are all very different. There are other students I know who are so absorbed in getting good grades that they do not even talk to other people, but just go from class to their books. They are passionately trying to learn all they can so that they can succeed in life. Younger college students who are still living at home do not always appreciate the fact that their parents are paying a lot for them to go to school so they can get a good degree and eventually a good job to live on their own. These students are the ones who are not passionate. I am very passionate about learning. I have always had an inquisitive mind and enjoyed discovering new information so I can use it. I like discovering new information and trying to apply it to my life. I know other students like me too, who are passionate about their studies and are looking forward to their future. College students are available in several different brands. Do you agree?

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