Thursday, November 1, 2007

Exercise 4.3 - First lead

Scene & Questions

Tears glisten on the cheeks of a mother as she watches her daughter, dressed in white, walk down the aisle. Beneath her veil, the bride's cheeks are flushed and her face glows as she smiles and tries to walk at an even pace. The groom stands at the altar, waiting patiently for his beautiful bride. The numerous friends and family in the audience are joyfully awaiting the moment, in a few minutes, when the two shall pledge their love to each other by simply saying, "I do."

But how long will that "I do" last? It is said that "one in two American marriages ends in divorce" (Wallerstein). That is sad. How can that be? That means that every other wedding that you attend will end in divorce. The tears shed by a brides mother will become tears of sadness instead of tears of joy. How can that happen? If that man and woman who married truly loved each other and really meant it when they said, "I do," why would the get a divorce instead of working out their problems? If you truly love someone, you will try to understand them and resolve your differences. Perhaps they did not love each other as much as they thought. Perhaps they did not have the same understanding of the word love when they pledged their undying love to each other forever. Love is more than a feeling, it is a commitment.

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