Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Exercise 1.5 - Finally Focusing

Focus Question: How do you decide what job?


  • Does work study get you a good job? Is it worth it?
  • How do you narrow down the job lists?
  • How can you figure out what skills you have that would make the best job?
  • Can you find a job that is enjoyable, but also pays the bills?
  • Are there jobs that are only available to certain people? Is there one that requires your skills?
  • Are there good jobs that are specifically geared for college students?
  • Are there jobs that you do not want? Can you eliminate some options?
  • How do you sort through all of the good jobs for the "best" one?
  • What are your chances of getting your dream job? Is it worth fighting for?
  • Do the job tests out there really help you decide what job you should have or would enjoy?
  • Is it best to find a job through someone you know or by seeking one among strangers?
  • Do employers look for students who stood out in college (perfect student) or the most rounded even if the student did not do wonderfully?
  • Should the job pay be the deciding factor in finding a job?
  • Is it healthier to work at a job that pays well or at a job for half that, but enjoyable?
  • Are there overall guidelines for finding a job?

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