Friday, August 24, 2007

Step One - Research Rumors & Rulings

Usually, when you are writing a paper, you are supposed to be objective, or so I have heard. I think it is important to have an objective, then you actually have a reason to write a paper and do research, plus, you will have motivation. However, I am not sure that you always have to be objective, because sometimes papers take turns and you have to revise the message or thesis of your paper.

Originality. It is something I strive for in my papers, because it is what makes it mine and my idea. I am not sure that you can use another person's ideas as the theme of your paper because it is not something that you have developed yourself. It is not something that you are trying to find out because usually if it is not original, then someone else has already found an answer. i think it is perfectly possible to ask the same question and come up with a different answer. There are a lot of things that have more than one right answer.

I believe that I am not sure if I agree that the word "I" can be used in a paper. I have heard that it shouldn't be, but my last English class made me toss that idea out and accept the "I" because it is what makes my work more personal. I think that it sounds more professional not to use it, but I am rather undecided whether I like it in my writing or not.

Having heard so many outlandish (to me, anyway) things about writing papers has caused me to develop my own ideas. I am the queen of revision. I revise and revise and cut, paste, reorganize and revise some more. I believe that I am not just writing a paper for my instructor so I can get an "A" (though, I wouldn't mind that) I think that when we write, it helps us to define ourselves because, usually, we have to make a decision about where we stand on an issue, how something makes us feel, or what we think should be done to solve a problem. As I research more about my topic, I start to see things from different perspectives which may change how I see my topic or support what I originally thought. In order to use my new found information and beliefs about my topic, I will be doing quite a bit of revising to my paper and thesis, maybe even shifting gears and taking my paper in a completely different direction. Usually, an instructor does not care one way or the other which way you approach a topic, but it will matter to you, as it should.

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